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  • Discount Pool Service Phoenix

    If you need professional discount pool service  that you can depend on, call us today.  We service and maintain swimming pools across the valley and provide upfront prices with no hidden fees.  Our weekly pool cleaning service will keep your pool sparkling year round for a very low monthly cost.  Enjoy a pool that is properly balanced with no bacteria or algae making sure that your family is healthy and company in the backyard is always welcome.  Take the work out of your pool, call Discount Pool Service Phoenix today, or fill out the online form and let us help make your summer stress free.  Our full service cleaning service includes skimming, brushing, vacuuming as needed, basic chemicals such as chlorine and acid as well as cleaning all baskets and back-washing as needed. Call us today, we take the work out of your pool!


    Weekly Full Service Pool Cleaning – starting at $79

    1st Month Internet Special $49

    Special Prices on all pump and filter repairs!

  • Full Service Pool Cleaning

    Discount Pool Service Phoenix

    With our weekly full service swimming pool cleaning package you will have a great looking swimming pool year round.  No more outbreaks of algae after AZ monsoons or when the temperature creeps up past 120 degrees in the heart of summer.  We will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your water is safe for swimming and that your pool becomes a stunning feature of the backyard that it was designed for and not a breeding swamp for mosquitoes!

    Here is what you get with our full service cleaning!

    Sweeping Walls

    Skimming Pool Surface

    Vacuuming As Needed

    Emptying pump and skimmer basket

    Water Testing

    Chemical Balancing

    Backwash  As Needed

    Professional Advice

  • Swimming Pool Repair Phoenix

    When you have a swimming pool, keeping it clean should be the first priority.  Often even clean appearing water has bacteria and living organisms that create an unsafe swimming environment, as well as making your swimming pool very difficult to keep clean.  At Discount Pool Service Phoenix our primary focus is in balancing your swimming pools water to the proper level. Maintaining an appropriate free chlorine level is the most important part of balancing the equation. It is important that you do not allow free chlorine to get low, or you run the risk of getting algae and the pool becomes unsafe to swim in.  Proper ph also plays a very important role in keeping your swimming pool clean and healthy.  This is why it is so important to keep your equipment running properly.  From a filter clean to a complete system replacement, we have both the repair experience and connections to fix your problems fast and for less.  Call Discount Pool Service Phoenix today for a quote.

Discount Pool Service Phoenix


  • Maintain and Balance Water
  • Add chemicals as needed
  • Inspect equipment
  • Clean catcher baskets
  • Skim the water
  • Brush and Vaccuum
  • Backwash the filter as neededpool3

Chemical Service Only


  • Weekly Service
  • Test and Balance Your Water
  • Basic Chemicals Included
  • Keep Water Clean and Maintained
  • Check and Backwash Filter as needed.
  • Upgrade to Full Service Anytimepool

Parts Shop

Call us regarding the purchase and delivery of Chlorine and other chemical additives to your swimming pool at a reduced price.  We make it easy to make your pool look great!

Discount Pool Service Phoenix

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